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Skills Used: Industrial Design, User Research, Form Development, Visual Branding, 3D Printing, SolidWorks, SketchBook Pro, Photoshop, Keyshot

UPPAbaby Harness System

I worked as the lead industrial designer to develop the harness system components for UPPAbaby's car seats. I worked with suppliers in Asia and Europe to develop the buckles and chest clip. To develop these products I had to follow strict parameters to meet safety guidelines. I used SolidWorks and 3D printing to prove out my designs and to present them to the engineering and design teams.

Chest Clip Form Variants

When designing the different chest clip variations, I explored different forms that would be comfortable on the child's chest and easy for the parent to un-clip and clip together. 

Dark Gray Chest Clip Line-Up.png

Final Chest Clip Design

The final design of the chest clip features a flush push button to prevent the child from accidently un-clipping themselves and a diagram on the right hand side indicating the correct position the chest clip should be used in.

Gray Chest Clip.jpg
Gray Chest Clip - 01.jpg
Gray Chest Clip - 02.jpg

European Buckle Variants

This buckle is designed for UPPAbaby's European car seats. European regulations required the buckle to have a up-down push button to release the webbing tongues from the main housing. I worked around this design parameter and communicated directly with the supplier in Asia to develop the buckle.

Osmar Buckle Underlay.jpg
HOO Buckle Line-Up.png

Final European Buckle Design

The final design of the buckle features an up-down release button with a red-green indicator to inform the parent that the buckle is fully secured. 

Light Gray Osmar Buckle - 04.jpg
Light Gray Osmar Buckle - 03.jpg
Light Gray Osmar Buckle - 02.jpg

American Buckle

The American buckle features a push style button. To develop this buckle I worked directly with suppliers in Europe to create the final product. 

Light Gray Holmbergs Buckle - 02.jpg
Light Gray Holmbergs Buckle - 01.jpg
Light Gray Holmbergs Buckle - 03.jpg
Lifestyle - Image - 01.jpg

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