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Rival Trial Camera

Skills Used: Industrial Design, User Research, Form Development, Visual Branding, 3D Printing, SolidWorks, SketchBook Pro, Photoshop, Keyshot

The Rival Trial Camera is a hunting camera designed to capture photos of animals for hunting. I had the opportunity to be the designer for the Rival Trial Camera. The project was placed on an accelerated schedule to meet buyer needs. The nature of the accelerated project allowed me to design on the fly by developing design iterations in SolidWorks. 

Project Scope & User Research

01: Brand DNA

The silhouette of Wildgame Innovations cameras have an hourglass shape. It was important to enforce this look when developing the Rival camera to create a visual difference to competitor brands.

02: Visual Identity

The design intent when developing the housing of the camera was to visually show its daytime and nighttime photo capturing capabilities. To communicate this feature it was important to make the camera lens's the focal point of the product.

03: Theft Prevention

Theft of trial cameras is a common issue. In order to combat this issue, it was important to create an external housing that could be locked in multiple locations. 

RIVAL_CAMERA_2020 - Blurred5.jpg
RIVAL_CAMERA_2020 - Blurred2.jpg
Rival Render - 01.png

Webbing Slots 

The camera includes a   1-Inch wide webbing slot. The webbing slot is designed into the housing to create a robust tie down location allowing users to securely strap the camera to trees.

RIVAL_CAMERA_2020 - Blurred.jpg
Rival Render - 02.png

Theft Prevention

To reduce the risk of theft, cable lock locations where implemented into the final design. This allows users to lock the camera to the tree with a 1/4" cable lock.

RIVAL_CAMERA_2020 - Blurred3.jpg
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