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Trial Pad Swipe

Skills Used: Industrial Design,User Research, Form Development, Visual Branding, 3D Printing, SolidWorks, SketchBook Pro, Photoshop,, Keyshot

I worked as the Industrial Designer of the Trail Pad Swipe tablet. The Trail Pad Swipe tablet is a redesign of the VU50 tablet. It was my responsibility to generate initial 2D design concepts and present them to brand management and sales. Once the team chose the final design, I developed and refined the chosen 2D design direction in SolidWorks to provide to our engineering team to manufacture. 

Project Scope

A: Improve Current Tablet

To develop the new Trail Pad Swipe, I referred to customer reviews online to make improvements. The issues with the existing tablet included the ability to grip the unit with dirty hands and the need to use both hands to operate. 

B: 1-Handed Navigation

A feature that needed to be included in the new Trail Pad Swipe was the ability to use one hand during operation. This allows the user to keep one hand free to hold other objects. 

C: Use Existing PCB Layout

In order to meet cost and the two-week design time line, the existing PCB layout of the VU50 was used as a template to create the new Trail Pad Swipe. 

TRAIL_PAD_SWIPE_2020 - Blurred3.jpg




Product & User Research of VU50 Tablet

01: Ergonomics

The rounded design of the current tablet provided a poor grip if the users hands were wet or dirty.

02: Feature Hierarchy

The existing button layout had a poor visual layout. Users often become confused when navigating.

03: Two-Handed Operation

The current tablet required users to use both hands to navigate. This prevented the user from holding other items while hunting.

From Development

14 -Trail Pad Swipe - CrossHair - Keysho

One-Handed Navigation & Improved Grip  

The navigation keypad is placed at the top right to allow one-handed operation opposed to two-handed operation on the VU50. To enhance the grip, horizontal and vertical ribs were built into the back of the tablet housing.

10 -Trail Pad Swipe - Keyshot.png
TRAIL_PAD_SWIPE_2020 - Blurred.jpg
Rival Trail Camera Render.44.png

Tough Design DNA

An objective of this project was to design a tablet that visually communicated the tablet’s durability and compactness. To achieve this appearance an extruded “exoskeleton” was built around a slim and chamfered tablet body. 

Rival Trail Camera Render.43.png
TRAIL_PAD_SWIPE_2020 - Blurred2.jpg

Protected Auxiliary Ports

The electronic auxiliary ports were placed at the bottom of the tablet to reduce the chances of water entering.

TRAIL_PAD_SWIPE_2020 - Blurred4.jpg

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